Dictionary Category: General

Corner Rail Clamp
A two piece clamp with carriage nuts and bolts designed for horizontal rail connections to a 90° corner post.
Intermediate Rail
a horizontal support running between two terminal posts located between the top rail and the bottom rail.
Bottom Rail
The horizontal member of the framework running continuously along the bottom edge of the fence. This is usually the same diameter as the top rail.
a horizontal structural support running between two posts
Fence Panel
a fabricated unit of fence made up of rails and boards or pickets
End Post
the terminal post that is at the beginning or end of the fence line.
a fastener used to attach one piece of fence to another
Brace Rail
a horizontal rail that is part of the fence framework the runs between the top and bottom rail.
Terminal Post
the load bearing post of a fence which is often at the end or corner of a fence line.
a vertical structural support member of the fence
Line Posts
posts that help support the main linear body of the fence, keep the fence in a straight line and support the top rail if one exists.
Corner Post
The terminal post at any corner of the fence or any post that requires fittings on both sides of the post.