Barb (Twist)
Selvage obtained by twisting adjacent pairs of wire ends together in a closed helix of 1-1/2 machine turns, which is equivalent to three full twists.
As related to barbed wire- a short length of wire, with exposed ends cut on a bias to produce sharp points.
Bottom Rail
The horizontal member of the framework running continuously along the bottom edge of the fence. This is usually the same diameter as the top rail.
Barb Wire Arm
a cap that extends off a line post that allows for 3 strands of barbed wire to be run continuously.
Brace Band
a band that goes around a terminal post.
Brace Rail
a horizontal rail that is part of the fence framework the runs between the top and bottom rail.
Barbed Wire
Wire constructed with twists that create sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand. This wire is commonly used along the top of the fence above the top rail. Also used in farm applications.