Corner Rail Clamp
A two piece clamp with carriage nuts and bolts designed for horizontal rail connections to a 90° corner post.
Corner Barb Arm
A combination post cap used to hold barbed wire in place on a Corner Post. May be angled in or out from the fence line to hold three strands of barbed wire or "V" shaped to hold six strands of barbed wire.
Center Stop
A device to receive and hold the drop bar on a double gate.
Cantilever Slide Gate
Any horizontal slide gate spanning an opening lacking a top or bottom with that opening.
Chain Link Fence
a type of fence that is usually constructed from steel wires that run vertically and are interwoven to make a zig-zag pattern.
Chain Link Fence Fabric
fence material that has been created by interweaving steel wire so as to create a continuous mesh without the use of fasteners or knots
Corner Post
The terminal post at any corner of the fence or any post that requires fittings on both sides of the post.