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Why buy a vinyl fence from Pacific Fence?

Pacific Fence & Wire Co. is the Northwest’s leader in vinyl fencing and is an exclusive CertainTeed Bufftech vinyl fence distributor. All CertainTeed Bufftech fence sold by us is backed by the transferable lifetime warranty that comes with Bufftech products.

What is Vinyl Fence made of?

The main component of Bufftech vinyl fence is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that has been modified to ensure optimal strength and UV resistance. The formula is comparable to traditional vinyl siding which is known for its durability and structural strength.

Is it Green (eco friendly)?

CertainTeed is constantly pursuing new ways to reduce their footprint and environmental impact while at the same time improving the sustainability of their operations and products. Most vinyl fence products sold by Pacific Fence & Wire Co are Green Circle Certified and produced with recycled content.

Will the color fade?

Bufftech vinyl fence comes with the ColorLast fade protection guarantee that ensures your fence will stay true to its original look for years to come. The state of the art acrylic formula that comes with each vinyl fence protects darker colors and stains from fading caused by the sun and other harsh elements.

Why buy vinyl instead of wood?

Vinyl fence by Bufftech is the only fence that comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. Unlike wood fence, vinyl will not fade, rot or deteriorate over time. Recent developments in manufacturing processes have lead to superior PVC fence products with highly durable structural integrity and anti-fade technology.

Do I have to paint or stain vinyl fence?

No. Vinyl fence is meant to be mostly maintenance free and does not need to be painted or stained. Color formulas are meant to withstand the test of time and be extremely resilient to harsh weather and conditions.

How do I clean vinyl fence?

Vinyl fence by Bufftech is manufactured with high quality raw materials that are designed to be impervious to termites and prevent moss and mold growth. That being said, if you vinyl fence does happen to get dirty it can be easily cleaned with a mild soap detergent and water. Unlike traditional wood fence, vinyl is not porous making it much easier to clean.

How long will a vinyl fence last?

Vinyl Fence by Bufftech is the only fence that comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. This means that your vinyl fence is built to last you throughout your life and should not need replacing.

What vinyl fence is right for me?

With so many different styles and colors of vinyl fence to choose from we recommend you consult with someone from our experienced staff to ensure you get the perfect fit. We can help you choose which style will fit right for your unique situation and can help pick the right color for each setting.